• I have a pair of M-10iA robots in the work cell we are building. One of them has an R-30iA and the other has an R-30iB. They are wall-mounted opposite of each other and doing identical tasks. All is well except for linear motion on the R-30iA. All of the linear moves are painstakingly slow with this robot, regardless of programmed speed or override. It almost appears to me as if the acceleration and deceleration rates are set extremely low for linear moves, also, if that is even possible. You can plainly see the robot ramping up to speed and then sort of coasting to a stop when making linear moves. It does this in AUTO as well as when I step through the program in T2.

    I'm not doing anything fancy with acceleration or any other motion modifiers. All 4 of the linear moves in my programs are set to 2400mm/sec with FINE termination. I attempted to adjust the override speed to 100% just before my linear moves and then back down to 50% for the joint moves but this has very little effect. The linear moves are still WAY slower than they should be and much slower than the robot on the other side of the cell.

    These robots were bought refurbished from a trusted vendor. These controllers would have been wiped clean when we bought them. There are no background tasks running or anything like that. Is anyone aware of a variable or configuration item that might cause this? I'm stumped.

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  • Have you optimized your payloads? I think this should be #1 as this will definitely affect your accel and decel. There is an option (I think in maintenance menu?) to set path priority or cycle time, might want to evaluate this as well depending on your application.

  • Check this variable on the controller of the slower robot:


    If it's not 100, set it to 100.

    Prgoverride is a hidden variable that affects overall program speed just like the TP override does, but doesn't show on the TP screen, so a value of 50 with the tp override set on 100% will make the robot move at half the override speed, even if it shows on TP a 100% override.

    As you say the controllers were refurbished the old owners may have messed with that variables, so check this.

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