safemove work envelope

  • I'm gonna start off saying I've been working with robots for less then a year with no prior experience and unfortunately I am the only robot guy in my shop and we primarily work with FANUC so pardon my lack of knowledge.

    I am trying to familiarize myself with some of the tools that ABB offers one of which is safe move. I am wanting to create a work envelop where if the robot leaves it stops like you would with DCS in FANUC. I believe I need to use safemove to do this. I have created a IRB1600 with the safemove basic option in robotstudio. I create a tool geometry and upper arm geometry then create a safe zone that encapsulates the robot. If I create a Tool position supervision within that zone no matter what I do it says the tool is in violation of the safe zone. I've tried moving the zone so the tool isn't in the zone and also with it in the zone and get the same violation. If I add a contact application tolerance instead I cannot get it to violate the safe zone. I'm having a hard time understanding this I have flipped through the safe move manual and it doesn't seem to help much. Am I barking up the wrong tree or am I missing something. I appreciate any help.

  • What version of SafeMove?

    This one always trips me a bit, but the "Allow Inside" check box is somewhat misnamed. It's more a "Must stay inside". So if you're trying to create a "cell" zone that's basically a virtual fenceline, you need to make sure the zone encompasses the entire working volume (especially the arm once you include the arm geometry) and the Allow Inside box is checked.


  • Im guessing Robotstuido must have been messing up because it all looked just like you said but was always causing a violation even when the the robot was completely inside the safe zone. I deleted the zone and closed and reopened robot studio and now it seems to be doing exactly as I expected. Thanks for the response I really apricate it

  • Well I though it was fixed. If I jog to the front wall of the safe zone as soon as the tool sphere hits the wall it faults out as it should. however if I jog up so the upper arm hits the top of the safe zone it doesn't fault out. Also it will randomly fault out in the middle of the zone and say the tool geometry violated the zone but it is completely in the zone. seems the only spot that works as it somewhat should is the front wall and that only works with the tool if the arm goes through it it doesn't seem to care.


  • yes but even if I try to get the tool to go through any other side it goes through just fine no fault. Its only on the one wall that I can get it to fault out. And don't really understand why it faults in the middle of the zone.


  • The bubble shows back up when I am not faulted I think it only shows the faulted zone. I have a pic of it not faulted inside the zone to show the upper arm and then a pic of it with the tool and the upper arm out of the zone and it not faulting

  • I figured out the problem but don't have a solution yet. I have the robot attached to a CAD file for the machine however it doesn't seem to be moving the base frame with the robot when I attach it. Every time I restart the robot I get this message


    if I click yes it moves the robot to the original position and says it is still attached to the CAD file. The only way I can see to get it back to the CAD origin is to detach it then reattach it but then it doesn't seem to bring the base frame with it.

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