How to check programs in Yaskawa robot remote mode

  • Hello robot workers, thank you for always allowing me to read your good information.

    This article is translated, so there may be typos.

    There was a problem with the Yaskawa robot in the field, so I visited, but I didn't participate in this robot project.
    I want to check other jobs in remote mode, but I don't know how. Is there a BCKEDT or LOOK function like a Fanuc robot?

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  • HawkME

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  • Hi,

    When we use "remote mode" on the Yaskawa robot, it means that we

    can remotly start and stop the running of the robot.

    For example: the operator uses an self made controller with a start, pauze en safety button.

    Not the pendant to start and stop certain programs.

    This is however connected to the X18 board of the robot control unit.

    I believe that you want to view programs from your office (or another location)

    than that the robot is at?

    This is possible when you place a module in the control unit of the robot like secomea.

    These modules allow you to connect remotly.

    You can than use the motosim software to vieuw programs and such.

    There is probably an easier method but not that I know much about...

    This is what i do, that doesn't mean it's the right way to do it. :smiling_face:

  • I think there's a misunderstanding, so I'll fix it a little I'm sorry, the robot works in a factory and I visited there But the line is in production and I need to look at the previous worker's program to quickly modify it The important thing here is that we need to reduce the damage as much as possible to the production of our products

    Can I see other jobs other than the current job with the Teach pendant in robot run?

  • Kr.En

    Not that I know of, you can make a backup to usb of the jobs and load them into motosim or open them in notepad to have a quick overview... meanwhile the production can go on as normal.

    When you locate the problem you can fix it true the pendant with a minimum of production los...

    This is what i do, that doesn't mean it's the right way to do it. :smiling_face:

  • Another option is to run a simple program before production starts and try to view other jobs while running. I will give it a go myself but it probably won't be before tuersday...

    This is what i do, that doesn't mean it's the right way to do it. :smiling_face:

  • No you can't preview other programs during remote run.

    The only way that I know is edit during play, but it's not very user friendly and very easy to do more damage then it is worthen. There is no option to leave Edit (play) without writing changes.

    Save all files on an USB stick during production and read them offline is safest way... and more comfortable than read them on tinny screen.

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