Making contact with KUKA workvisual

  • Hi, my name is Twan and i am trying to get my KUKA cobot working

    Currently there is a program in the cobot that needs to be removed. Safety settings have also been adjusted which should also be removed. This cobot was working in a factory before i got it. I want it to go back to factory settings because i can not do anything with it like this.

    It is a 'KUKA LBR iiwa 14 R820'. The cobot is connected to the control unit and to the KUKA smartpad. It runs on software 'KUKA sunrise.OS I installed workvisual V5 and connected the PC to the control unit with an ethernet cable (X66 input). Then i went to IP settings on the PC and i think i setted up this correctly (settings - network & internet - Ethernet - change adapter options - Ethernet 2 - properties - internet protocol version 4 - filled in IP adress After this, i opened workvisual and went to File - browse for project - browse - refresh. The current programme should be visible now, but it says no programme is found. I think there is no contact between the cobot and the pc.

    After this, i installed workvisual V4 and tried the same. The same problem happend again.

    Am i doing something wrong?

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  • Hello Twan,

    LBR iiwa is using Sunrise OS which is different from KSS as the other KUKA's industrial robots use.

    You need to use a corresponding version of "Sunrise Workbench" instead of Workvisual.

    You might want to contact to your kuka service channel.

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