KRC2/ARCTech/Fronius Job Call Issue

  • Hello All,

    Robot: KUKA KRC2

    Welder: Fronius TPS 5000

    We have been having an ongoing issue on a couple of our Kuka cells involving job calls.

    Our robot will go do a weld with, for example, job call 2. It will weld fine, then move onto a new weld, where the job call is now 3.

    As the robot approaches the weld it will change the job call from 2 to 3, like it is supposed to, but as soon as it strikes an arc it switches back to job call 2.

    I have monitored this through the PLC and I can confirm that the robot is what changes the weld job.

    We have gone through and made sure that the S, W, and E variables in the arc on/arc switch/arc end are all calling the proper jobs, but the robot still reverts back to the previous job call when starting a weld.

    Once the job is called again, whether it be at an arc switch or an arc end job, it begins to call the proper job again, but as soon as we call a different job call, the process starts all over again.

    We have been chasing our tails with this for a while and I don't know if this is clear enough as it was very difficult to try to put this issue into words, but any help/direction would be appreciated.

    Let me know if providing additional information will help solve this problem, and if I can provide it, I will do so.


  • No background with Fronius, but my approach in this case would be:

    1. Identify which variable is mapped to the "job call" (I assume that's an $OUT?)

    2. Take a Archive of the robot

    3. unzip the Archive offline

    4. Search the Archive (baregrep, wingrep, etc) for any/all occurences of that variable in any .SRC and .SUB files

    5. Trace backwards from there.

    The key is to identify any line of code that changes the "job call" that's not part of one of your intended ILFs.

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