Choose direction of Joint rotation

  • Hello,

    I have 2 tools that are offset by 180° on J6 and my positions are difined with Points.

    In normal cases, robot chose the easiest path to go in position, but this easiest path is not always the good one for cables.

    Is there is a way to choose/force a direction of rotation on joints on movements ?

    In relation to this, I'm not exactly in that situation but :

    If one tool pick a part with J6 = 0, and the second drop an other part in the same place with only a move on J6. How the Robot choose if it does +180° or -180° to go to a point ?

    I already identified 2 solutions :

    -use a joint type to fix joints positions

    -use a intermediate movement on J6 to get closer to the desired position

    I would like to know if i'm right about my statements, and if there is an other solution ?

  • Hello Kelidor,

    Your solutions are good. The robot choose the shortest way (axis or angle), always the same.

    If you have problem with cable :

    - Add an intermediate point (sometime not good for cycle time)

    - Use a refence joint to convert your point to Joint position (look for pointToJoint())

    - reduce the axis limit

    Have au nice day...

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