• Hello all, the company I work for just bought a used Motoman NX100 weld cell with Fronius 3200 power supply however when it got here we realized it was missing some cables. They are the cable / cables comes out of the back of the power supply X91port and splits off into a pig tail. One side of the pig tail runs to port CA34 on the NX100 controller, the other runs to a connector at the robot for the vr5000 wire feeder. We have another robot with this cable but I cannot find any ID markings on them. Motoman claims they don't know the P/N since it is a fronius cable. I contacted Fronius and they have been of no help either. We just need that cable to get up and running. I am frantically looking for it. Worse comes to worse I will try to find the backshells and pins and make one but I'd like to keep that for last resort. Can anyone help me out?

    Thank You

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