Kawasaki speed in Automatic Mode

  • Hi

    I am working with kawasaki BX200L and E controller. We are making trail runs in automatic mode, but i found that some of the robots is moving in high speed even the repeat override is 10% only. It is happening only for linear programmed lines and not for joint lines. Does anyone know to solve this?

    Thanks regards<br />Vipin..

  • 'High Speed' compared to what, a snail, an F1 car, speed of sound.

    Making a generalized statement doesn't tell us much.

    If your generalized statement is saying:

    - Any programmed linear move ignores monitor speed bar setting.

    - Any programmed joint move does not ignore monitor speed bar setting.

    Then you need to contact Kawasaki as this is not good and will likely require further investigation.

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