ABB robot + FANUC Robodrill

  • Hello there guys!

    I've been programming industrial robots for 6 years, I'll be doing a work for a school where they want to communicate an ABB IRC5 with a Fanuc Robodrill D21LiB5.

    Did anyone make something similar? Did you know how should I communicate between thoose machines? Wiring? Profinet? Profibus? I guess that are necesary some extra modules for comunicating both machines, but idk

    I know that the I/O signals between those 2 machines should be like:

    CNC to Robot

    -chuck opened

    -chuck closed

    -door open


    Robot to CNC

    -Chuck clamp

    -chuck Unclamp



    Thanks for the help! :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

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    Yes. The first thing to do will be to determine which communication options each unit already has, and which of those are compatible. If none, then it'll be time to look at what each unit can support.

    The IRC5 is quite flexible, it can support almost all the standard fieldbus options, if the correct hardware/software package is installed. Getting a backup from the robot would tell you which ones are installed.

    The RoboDrill... that's a much less well-known product. Given it's a Fanuc controller, I would assume that it can support the most popular fieldbus options (again, if that option was purchased and installed), but perhaps not at the same level that a Fanuc robot can. But given that it's a CNC machine, and the vast bulk of CNC machines only use discrete "wired" I/O (if any at all), my bet would be that it supports a limited number of those I/Os by default.

  • OK! Thank you guys!, I will be updating the thread when we start with the proyect, maybe can be helpful for anyone.

    We have doubts about what we will use, profinet or wired signals, I assume that RoboDrill can handle with profinet, whenever we buy the additional module to communicate it.

    Let's see how the proyect goes!

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