R-30iB plus options

  • Hello.

    I have a fanuc robot 45kg payload with

    R-30iB plus controller.

    I want to use it as plasma/laser cutter or mig/mag welder.

    So i need to setup I/O and external axes(linear rails and-or rotary table).

    What hardware and software needed for these?

    Controller has already installed profinet card with 4 ports and erthernet card.

    I have wago and beckhoff I/O "slices" if i get a wago or beckhoff profinet coupler

    can attach the I/O "slices" i have to profinet coupler for I/O ?
    robodk and roboguide software can help?

    For kuka krc2 is easy devicenet i/o

    extra servo drivers+servo motors

    install the tech packages and done..

    How this can be done on fanuc?

  • Do you have access to the manuals?

    The first manual I would look at would be the software installation manual.

    If you're in the US, you will need to get a reburn of your software with all the options you want.

  • No i don't have manuals but i can download pdfs.

    Am not in US.

    What options needed for these operations ?

    Which manuals describe how to add I/O and external axes ?

    Is there a list with available software options for fanuc ?

    For I/O what is better profinet or ethernet ?

  • There are many different combinations and options for the integration of external axes.

    I would recommend to contact your local FANUC rep and tell them your needs. They will provide you with the required hardware and software options as well as the correct motor and servo amp size, cables, etc.

    Is there a list with available software options for fanuc ?

    Yes there is a list available. Either ask your FANUC rep for it or wait until I'm back from my holiday. I can then send it to you.

    For I/O what is better profinet or ethernet ?

    There is no better or worse. The choice depends on many different things, e.g. customer requirements, is PROFINET or EtherNet/IP already installed on your robot controller? Is the machine or plant already running one of these industrial protocols? I prefer PROFINET because I am from Europe and it is simply way more common here than EtherNet/IP.

  • Mine controller has 2 port profinet card with dual channel profinet software addon.

    What can i get for I/O ?

    I have already wago and beckhoff "slices" can i get a wago 750-375 coupler and put on my slices for digital and analog I/O ?

    Exists some better option for profinet I/O ?

  • Since you have a PROFINET option already installed it would make sense to go with it.

    With the Molex Dual Channel PROFINET your controller can act as a PROFINET Controller and also as a PROFINET Device (at the same time).

    If you have a Wago IO system you can use the Wago 750-375 PROFINET IO coupler. You can also use any other standard IO modules and connect them to the controller. In the above cases the controller would be the PROFINET Controller. If you have a PLC running you can also use your robot as a PROFINET Device and send your IOs from the PLC to the robot. You could also use a combination of both.

  • Do you have the Molex Dual Channel Profinet harware and software? Then you can probably add your I/O-devices with the use of Molex's engineering tool. Your local FANUC rep should be able to hook you up with this.

    Also, the manual you need is the Profinet Operators manual B-82864EN_08.

  • The profinet card that is installed on R-30iB is A20B-8101-0930/03A

    and software options installed are



    Which is the Molex Dual Channel PROFINET hardware and software option (R834) plus PROFINET Safety (PROFIsafe F-Device) option (J931).

  • I'm not experienced with Wago devices. But it is a standard PROFINET device and should work. Only the PN Controller function of the Molex board supports analog IOs. Have a look into the PROFINET manual for detailed information. Another option could be to use additional FANUC analog IO modules. Then you could wire your analog sensors directly to the robot controller. But it all depends on your topology and what you are planning to do in detail.

  • So with this I/O no profinet fieldbus coupler needed.

    Correct. No need for PROFINET when using this IO modules.

    This fanuc I/O system has optical isolation or there is danger to burn accidentally the controller by some bad I/O ?

    The inputs and outputs of the IO modules are isolated with photocouplers.


    The relay modules (AOR16G) do not have any output protection.

  • Hello

    The manuals from fanuc does not have instructions how to configure wago profinet i/o

    only have instructions how to connect fanuc robot with siemens plc via profinet.

    Where can i find instructions/tutorial how to add wago profinet i/o ?


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