getting started with KRC4 compact, on a kr10 r1100 sixx

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  • very exciting does this mean it is connected?


    the robot pet name project is open with a green check

    So, a KRC4 can contain multiple Projects, but only one can be active at any given time. The green check indicates which one is active.

    A Project contains both configuration settings (including I/O setup and mapping) and programs.

    It's possible to switch between projects on the pendant, without using WoV.

    do i need to activate the hardware on the left side of the WOV

    I suggest opening the active project, then doing a Save As under a new name. Then, make your changes to the copy. When you have the changes complete, you can Deploy the copy, and it will be pushed to the KRC and activated under the new name. This way, the original will remain unchanged. So you always have the original as a fallback, if something goes wrong with your changes.

    To do configuration edits, yes, you need to "activate" the controller in the Project Structure tree:

  • i can hear the valve relays making noise, but no activation . do the valves get sticky and need oil???

    The max. allowed air pressure is 7 bar. Don't use oil! The air must be dry, filtered and oil-free.

    Check if you correctly connected air to the AIR1 connection located on the robot base.

    Open all caps (1A/1B, 2A/2B, 3A/3B and also R) for testing and turn the outputs for the valves on and off. If nothing happens but you can hear the valves switching it could be that the valve unit is defective. In the past this happened on two of my KR AGILUS robots.

  • HI ALL,

    I am working on a KRC 5 controller, and I have the same error, not quite sure how to get rid of these 2 errors In WoV.

    12:00:16 PM Following option packages used in the solution are not installed in WorkVisual: GripperSpotTech(V5.0.5), KUKA.EtherNetIP MS(V5.1.3), SafeOperation(V3.6.1). If you would like to use them, you have to install the option.

    12:00:44 PM Error in DTM EtherNet/IP: IP source address configured in the DTM is not available on your system. To be able to go online, please correct this in Settings user interface.

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