getting started with KRC4 compact, on a kr10 r1100 sixx

  • good afternoon, i have a new to me used kr10 r1100 sixx with a krc4 compact controller. NO documentation . i can get the robot to move, and i can teach and run some basic programs from the pendant. I want to activate a few; one , really or 2 pneumatic solenoids to control a spray head. i believe the arm has several built in pneumatic solenoids. i think they are on digital I/0 7- thru 12. i can see the IO's are activating in the IO display, but i can not get air to flow on any of the 7 thru 12 io's

    I have a kuka account, but i do not know which work visual to download. i can get to the installed options screen on the pendant, but trying to work thru the kuka website for the workvisual version i need is where i am lacking.

    Is or was there a default IO for the onboard pneumatics ? i guess i incorrectly assumed the pneumatics would be on the IO 7 thru 12, if so i did not do something correct i can manually scroll thru the IO list and i can see some active IO on ports in the #1000 + area they do not have any names.

    i am almost happy with what i can do so far. i just want one on / off solenoid for the spray head to start and stop spray, and i will be set.

    I am relatively terrified of workvisual from the reading i have done so far. I can see my self getting into a lot more problems than solutions if i start with workvisual. so if there is a way to get just one solenoid to work either internal ( preferred ) or external ; without messing with workvisual iI will be super happy

    any help is appreciated


  • i also just read a IO default post about the pneumatics . So i tried IO 1 thru 4 also no luck i do have continuous air flow from Air 1 on the base to port B1,2,3 on the arm.


  • The outputs for the valves are not preconfigured. You need Work Visual to configure the channels of the EM8905-1001 I/O module. This is the module for the internal valves and IOs. Just download the latest version of WoV and you should be fine. Then simply map the channels of the module like all the other IOs.

    You will find further information about the internal valves and IOs in the specificaton or in the mounting instructions of your robot model.

  • Thanks DS, i just got done downloading workvisual 5.0.10 the kuka site indicated it was for krc4 version 8.2, 3, 4, 5. i have software 8.3

    so that is done. i need to read some more. about how to install the package. on my computer. it has 2 different setup and 2 different installer files.

    any help there is also appreciated.

    where do the different controller options need to be specified?

  • i have a copy of a BA_KR_AGILUS_sixx_WP_en. manual i found the IO info for the pneumatics on about page 113. that is what got me onto the IO 7 thru 12 thing.

    before i try and connect to the krc4. i have been reading about the IP address and how to mess that up. i am pretty confused on that. i understand there are some address to NOT USE on pain of robot death. but where i get lost is do i match the the address from the krc 4 exactly on my computer or do i need to change it to " something close to the krc4 ip address"

    i thought i read that i need to change the IP address of my computer to the "something close " address but not the forbidden address and not the exact ip of the controller is that correct?

  • i am downloading workvisual 6.0.28 . this will take another hour

    aside from entering a ip address of death. are there any other gotchas to watch out for

  • The DOs 7 to 12 from the manual are the channels/outputs from the EM8905-1001 I/O module. You have to map them to $OUTs to be able to use the valves.

    For the connection between your PC and the robot controller: Connect a network cable to the service port of the controller (which is running a DHCP server) and set the network settings of your computer/network card to "Obtain IP address automatically".

  • just guessing here. but for this i will be disconnecting my computer from my internet/wifi. and i will be making a very small network with the krc4 and my computer only is that the idea?

    i will need to get a new dongle? that connects from the LAN style connector to USB. my new is computer does not have a LAN connection

    this will give me a bit of time to try and get more education.

    does the WoV have a tutorial section?

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  • Using the service port is just one possible option to connect to the controller. But it is easy and there are no additional settings required.

    Normally you can use LAN and WiFi at the same time in your computer.

  • why are the 3 " a " pneumatic ports on the Rm already open

    Well that Is? This morning the 3 " a " ports were open. I shut the system down. I just restarted the krc4. And now the A ports are closed and all 3 of the " B " ports are open.

    There are 3 valves correct? Do they work in pairs? A,b 1. A,b 2. A,b 3?

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  • Correct, there are 3 valves. Valve 1 is 1A/1B, valve 2 ist 2A/2B and valve 3 is 3A/3B. The valve diagram in the operaring instructions gives all the information which are necessary. Regarding the mapping of the outputs see one of my above posts.

  • my internet is not supposed to be this slow.

    So after I map and assign a io to the valve. Will the valves segregate? As I said now all the "B " ports are connected. And at the previous power up it was all the " a" ports were connected.

    I assume there is a manifold inside the arm of some sort. And this is normal . But it would not be good to have a pneumatic valve be turned on at every power up

  • ok WoV 6 is installed, and i am out of my league i think is this what i am trying to do with the onboard pneumatics


    Field bus configuration

    By the same principle, it is also possible to map inputs and outputs of the robot controller to each other. (In this case, the KR C I/Os tab must be used in both halves of the window.) "

    i am not going to do this tonight, but is this in the ballpark

    not in the ballpark i guess i will keep reading

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  • The valves are bistable. That means they keep the last state even if the power is turned off.

    In your first post you said it's a used robot. Maybe the previous owner already configured the valves to some outputs.

    ok WoV 6 is installed, and i am out of my league i think is this what i am trying to do with the onboard pneumatics


    Field bus configuration

    By the same principle, it is also possible to map inputs and outputs of the robot controller to each other. (In this case, the KR C I/Os tab must be used in both halves of the window.) "

    Open WoV > Connect to the controller > Activate project. After that, open IO Mapping and select KR C I/Os > Digital Outputs on the left side. On the right side select Fieldbusses > KCB > EM8905-1001 I/O-Modul. There you can map your outputs. Then save, compile and load your project to the controller.

  • good morning DS, thanks. i have to go to work tonight for a week. but i will get the usb to ethernet adapter and be ready next weekend.

    once i have mapped the valves and saved them i don't have to repeat for every program correct? For now it is just going to be ONE program , with 1 on off . = start spray move, valve on while moving, move move move, valve off while moving . move back to home . spray on and off while moving would be nice, but not a deal breaker.

    i read last night that the valves should not be open with power off the system.

    My system does have air flow with the power switched off. If the valves are on when power is off, could that confirm the valves are already mapped????? If so as i said i did see some green IO spots in the list around the 1000+ mark. i am thinking to try and disable those and see if it shuts off the air-.

    Are the solenoids at all noisy if it is quiet can i hear them activate and de-activate???


  • you should be able to hear the valves change position when toggled on/off

    but it is also just as easy to open WoV project and see what outputs they are mapped to.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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