Speed Override

  • Hello all,

    Currently working on a project with a YRC-1000 controller ONLY (no external PLC). I have been programming and testing from the classic pendant only (Play mode, servo on, and green START button for testing in "auto"), but the customer requirement is a smart pendant. I have the smart pendant IF panel setup ready to test, but am wanting to apply a speed override setting, starting out at 25% just to verify that the work cell and smart pendant IF panel setup will work as intended. I've read a prevous thread about the S4C0287 parameters, but am still unsure on how to apply that S4C0291 (25%) parameter to all my motion jobs. S4C0287 is set to 12. So I have two questions:

    1) If this workcell has a standalone controller with the smart pendant, does the pendant need to be in remote mode or would it be just in play mode? I am used to always having a PLC so I have always used remote mode for production.

    2) As mentioned above, how do I apply a 25% speed override setting for all motion jobs?

  • Hi,

    Check this post:

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