Fanuc Facility Codes

  • Here is a list of the Facility Code numbers for Fanuc Errors.

    Fanuc Error Facility Codes

    Facility Name - Facility Code Number - Description

    SRIO 1 Serial driver

    FILE 2 File system

    PROG 3 Interpreter

    COND 4 Condition handler

    ELOG 5 Error logger

    MCTL 6 Motion control manager

    MEMO 7 Memory manager

    OPIF 8 Operator interface

    TPIF 9 Teach pendant user interface

    FLPY 10 Serial floppy disk system

    SRVO 11 FLTR&SERVO in motion sub-system

    INTP 12 Interpreter errors

    PRIO 13 Digital I/O subsystem

    TPAX 14 Aux task/subsystem

    MOTN 15 Motion subsystem

    VARS 16 Variable manager subsystem

    ROUT 17 Interpreter built-ins

    WNDW 18 Window I/O manager

    JOG 19 Manual jog task

    APPL 20 Application manager

    LANG 21 Language utility

    SPOT 23 Spot application

    SYST 24 Facility code of system

    SCIO 25 Syntax checking routine for teach pendant programs

    PALT 26 Pallet

    UAPL 27 UAMR

    VISN 32 Vision system

    DICT 33 Dictionary processor

    TRAN 35 Translator

    TKSP 36 Translator/KCL scanner/parser

    KT 37 KAREL tools

    APSH 38 Application shell

    CMND 42 Command processor

    RPSM 43 Root pass memorization

    LNTK 44 Line tracking

    WEAV 45 Weaving

    TCPP 46 TCP speed prediction

    TAST 47 Through-arc seam tracking

    MUPS 48 Multi-pass motion

    MIGE 49 MIG-Eye tracking

    LSW 50 Laser welding

    SEAL 51 Sealing

    PAIN 52 Paint application errors

    ARC 53 Arc welding

    TRAK 54 TRACK softpart

    CMCC 55 CMC softpart

    SP 56 Softparts utility loader

    MACR 57 MACRO option

    SENS 58 Sensor interface

    COMP 59 Computer interface

    THSR 60 Touch sensing

    DJOG 64 Detached jog

    OPTN 65 Option installation

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