help with setting up RC7M controller with VS6577

  • Hi

    Im looking for anyone who can help me set up VS6577 with a RC7M

    Im happy to pay for some ones time who can help me with setting up the robot to operate through the pendant

    I need to check the pendant has the correct rom on it,

    Robot emergency Stop activated alarm

    servo alarm

    and robot not being driven through the pendant

    If anyone could please help it would be greatly appreciated

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  • HawkME

    Approved the thread.
  • Hello members. I have the same problem. I also can't start my robot. Now searching for safety plug CN10 with cable for my RC7 controller. Does anyone knows where to buy it?

    ARHSOLUTIONS, how are your robot? working now?

  • Hi MV

    The robot is still not working, i ended up getting a CN10 out of the US (postage cost more than the cable to send it to me in australia. i bridged the connections 13-31 and 14-32 but still not working

    Ill let you know how i go,

    Is yours working yet

  • Hi ARHsolutions

    could you share the company you bought CN10 from?

    I read Denso manual. It says that you cannot bridge connectors. it will be interpreted as fault.


    1. (1) Two External Emergency Stop inputsignals must be controlled with separate contacts.Two circuits connected in parallel using a single contact or an always-shorted circuit will be interpreted as an external circuit failure so that the emergency stop state cannot be reset."

  • you don't need 24V. I can't post pictures here so what's your email? I'll send you manual. I also noticed, that you connected different pins than it is quoted in manual.

    I checked that website. There are two CN10 cables. could you send me part number you bought?

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