Tips for creating a "ModPos" menu?

  • Trying to figure out a clean/simple way to create a user input driven menu to update key positions in my program. This is a silly way to update positions, I know. It's more of an exercise in creating menus.

    Currently I have a series of UIListView commands which set values in an array, then TEST / CASE of the array value to determine what robtarget or jointtarget to modify.

    Once the desired position is selected:

    1. Set the selected value to a local variable

    2. Move to current value of desired position

    3. Prompt user to jog

    4. Update to new position? Yes/No

    5. Return to top menu

    I'll replace the first TEST with something a little cleaner. Probably set a STRING based on the first list input, then run that string through a single UIListView to get my second array value.

    I've never made an in-depth menu like this. Is there a better way, or am I headed down a reasonable path?

  • Regarding the flexpendant menu i don't think there is any nicer way to make it.

    I usually make something similar to easily re-teach the positions but i don't bother in making multi level menu like you.

    Usually i have like 5 crucial positions that needs to be precisely teached, so i just hard code the teaching sequence in something similar to your test case.

    In your teaching sequence after you prompt to jog remember to put Stop with \NoRegain parameter.

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