Playing With Code ... Please Judge Me

  • Okay, working offline for now because I don't have a Robot Studio license, and my CRB-1100 won't be delivered until roughly Halloween. I have the basic flow of everything down, modules organized, and most (non-IO) data declared.

    Started playing around with my homing routine this morning, and writing it from scratch just for practice, since it's been a couple years since I did this. Anyway... I came up with a different approach than I would normally use, and I want to know if this method would actually be useful in any scenario.

    So tell me... cool idea? Stupid idea? Would you use it, and if so, where?

    EDIT: Since I'm offline with no license, I may have some poor syntax and/or arguments. Please feel free to point them out haha!

    What led me to this was trying to clean up the IF-THEN portion to make it more legible. I thought if I could set up some boolean values for each condition, then I wouldn't have to have so much in each IF STATEMENT. I think it's clean and very readable, if not very efficient. And I don't think this is the right use case for it either. But I'm open to ideas or criticism for later reference!

  • I would not use tool0 and Wobj0. You might want to use the distance function.

    Here is an example of some stuff I did before:

    A collection of utility modules for ABB industrial robots. - ABB-RAPID-UTILITY-LIBRARY/Recover.mod at master · ernell/ABB-RAPID-UTILITY-LIBRARY

    Check out other useful stuff while you are there.

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