SRVO-007 error alone, no seeming fix

  • We have a SRVO-007 error but nothing I have tried yet has had any effect. Swapped out teach pendant and TP cable with no change. Also tried exchanging the E-stop unit in the lower right. (RJ3iB controller) the teach pendant stop and controller stop work like normal but the error still won't go away.

  • yes, the first thing i did is to hit every emergency stop button individually, reset them and check the error. no change

    As far as I am aware the only other safety mechanism we have is a gate sensor to ensure the door is closed and that sends a different message entirely and is functioning properly

  • Get an electrician to disconnect the external emergency stop circuit inputs to the controller and apply jumpers to the external inputs correctly.

    This will rule in or out external influence to the circuit.

    If the error still remains and cannot be reset, then it is a controller issue.

    If the error clears, then your electrician needs to investigate the external emergency stops and wiring.

  • Well, that sucks

    Safety errors are there for a reason and safety related errors fail safe to ensure nothing can move, energise before being investigated and resolved.

    So what else can be done:

    - Stroke the controller and ask it to automatically fix itself.

    - Drop to your knee's and pray for the pixies to come and fix it.

    - Start randomly pulling boards and replacing them instead of troubleshooting the error effectively.

    Without knowing your setup, it could be ALL your external emergency stops are wired in series directly to the external emergency stop inputs, or to a safety device or to individual safety devices or a safety PLC and controlling the external emergency stop input circuits from those devices.

    It could be:

    - Those devices are not getting the correct signals from the field and therefore not allowing the external emergency safety circuit to register a working safety circuit.

    - Your field devices are providing the correct inputs to the safety devices and one of those safety devices is not allowing the external emergency safety circuit to register a working safety circuit.

    - ALL your field devices and safety devices are working and wiring is good and that the controller internal has a hardware issue.

    By removing the external emergency stop input wiring from the field to the dedicated external emergency stop inputs on the controller and inserting the correct jumpers will prove whether it is field related or controller related.

    When you know this, then you have a dedicated path of further investigation.

    Unless you are electrically qualified, competent and allowed to undertake those tasks, then an electrician is required to troubleshoot the issue.

    If you are competent and authorized then you could carry out the work yourself by locating the external emergency stop inputs on the E-Stop Unit.

    You could also look in the error history and there may also be additional information in there to assist in troubleshooting including the full error message that HawkME kindly suggested.

    Whether you like it or not, that is how it is.

  • No Door switches, I have turned the machines on with doors open in the past to make sure certain fans were running. Might be worth my time to swap the panel board while waiting on an electrician just to rule that out, I have the time.

  • I did include the full error message. The full error message is SRVO-007 External Emergency Stops

  • Below is an example of a single emergency stop button wired:






    The circuit is simple to bridge, just make sure you turn off and isolate power to the controller first.

    Make a note of the existing 4 wires, remove them, terminate them/isolate them into a connector block.

    Apply bridges and then power on.

    - EES1 to EES11

    - EES2 to EES21

  • I always have the pendant in a triple screen format and have the ALARM screen visible. There was only ever the one error and nothing else. Until now, went out to turn it on one more time before trying to swap panel boards and now there is also SYST-037 Key Switch Broken

  • Hadn't swapped yet or touched the key switch at all and I have turned it on several times after Fridays swapping without the error appearing.

    So what does that mean exactly, any other information in the alarm screen, NTED alarms etc?

    Just because it has appeared and didn't before, just ignore it and hope it's just the controller making random alarms for the fun of it and say you have never done anything.

    It's not a blame game. :hahaha: :icon_eek:

    Please apply some common sense:

    - Could the switch suddenly have failed.

    - Could the switch be contaminated - maybe worth blowing it/switch cleaner and toggling it a few times.

    - Could there be a loose connection.

    - Could you have disrupted anything during any random swapping of boards/components.

    Get an electrician in and look at it all, before more issues suddenly appear.

    You'll probably find there is a common cause to this, like power supply rails/overload.

  • There is no other information on the alarm screen, I have checked all connection to key switch, to panel board, from panel board to external buttons, all connections are tight and secure. Switch is almost brand new, just replaced it three weeks ago so I doubt it suddenly died and if it did well then that's a whole other thing to deal with. I highly doubt anything was disrupted when swapping components because the issue did not appear immediately after swapping any components. It has been powered on more than once since all the component swapping I did without the alarm appearing. It has come seemingly out of nowhere.

    Yes, I will be getting an electrician in, getting them here is simply something that takes far longer than id like and so in the mean time I attempt everything within my control to rule out so that when they do arrive I can use their time wisely.

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