Connect an ABB robot to an InSight camera

  • I try to connect an ABB robot to an InSight camera 5605-11. Get a response "220 ABB Robotics FTP server ready.\0D\0A". Normally one should get "Welcome" or "User: " and then send in "admin" and password blank. If I try to access anything in the camera I get error -100.

  • 95devils

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  • Thank you for your message. Do not know about the UAS issue. I could not log in because when I connected I got this message "FTP server ready". No chance to log in. I solved it by using the Service Port instead of X5. I had defined X5 as a WAN port according to ABB info but it did not work. All other ports are occupied in the robot. When connecting to the service port I directly got "Welcome" as an answer.

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