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    I have been making modifications to some ABB Robots but now I want to add these to the company network, The company has a corporate and process network, but I don't know how to do it, the process network uses an IP 11.16.32.XXX, I have not found an example to modify the IP and add the controller, I am a bit lost and I don't know where to start.

    The controller is IRC 5, ABB

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  • We need to know what network configuration your robot already has, to begin with.

    IRC5s have multiple network ports. Some are reserved for internal use (like the Service port), others are usually assignable for separate operations. For example, the port assigned for the WAN is usually used for non-critical uses like remote RobotStudio access, backups, and file transfers. One of the LAN ports is usually dedicated to critical network operations -- Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet, etc. Sometimes two LAN ports may be used, one for talking to the cell-level PLC, and another for a local network where the robot controls its subordinate devices.

    DO NOT go blindly changing network settings blindly, it's possible to really screw up the controller. Make sure to take a backup before making any changes, just in case something goes wrong.

  • Thanks for your help, I have already the backup of the Robot, and put the new IP, in the WAN port, so in this moment I can connect to the robot from WAN port and RS can see the robot. the problem now is from the switch to the PC.

    If I connect the Cable in the switch to my Laptop I can see the Robot with RS, But If I try it from my desk I can't see the robot and I can't make ping

  • Are the desktop and laptop both connected to the same switch? If you plug your laptop into the switch, can you ping it from the desktop (or vice versa)?

    It's also possible that the firewall rules on your desktop are different from the laptop, or that there's some sort of routing/NAT configuration in play.

  • I think that the problem come from the Switch, the network goes through different switches and some of them are managed I need to verify with IT


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