Fence Servo Off, need continue

  • Hi guys,

    I have a problem with fence and moving. Robot moving, fence interrupt the main slot program during moving and generate event in Error slot. Moves stops and servos got off. After confirm fence error I want to continue moving in path, but error 2000, servos off. Cannot servos turn on in error slot.I dont want to restart main slot, it cancel program path.

    How I do continue moving after fence interrupt event ?

    Thanks for advice

  • hey, you can have other program running in other slot as ALWAYS with some condition to turn servo ON...

    BUT you will have to be carefull and also important consideration is what kind of movement are you using Mov and Mvs should work just fine, but Mvc, Mvspl and others would be hard to make to work, in case of spline maybe even impossible.

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