Error Code "D1030"

  • Hello all, I've been working on this Kawasaki E Controller for four days now and am running out of options. I keep receiving an error code "D1030" and when I try to jog the robot it gives an error stating that the motors are not on. I know the two errors are connected. There are proper connections made to the servo board, motherboard, and main CPU. I am unsure if fixing this error is resolved at the pendant or at the controller. Any advice would be very graciously received.

    Thank you for your time.

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  • Welcome to the forum........... :beerchug:

    This error is produced at power on when communication to the servo board (1TB) is not established.

    Questions to ask are:

    - When was it last working last.

    - What actions happened leading up to the issue.

    - What have you tried to resolve it.

    - Have you confirmed ALL connections to the 1TB board are positively locked in place.

    - Do you have any services connected to the end effector that are powered from the robot.

    Power it off.

    Disconnect ALL external umbilicals from the robot and services from arm to the robot and power up.

    You will see many errors, but after reset attempts, does your error appear in the list.

    If not, it is likely umbilical, internal harness, or external services to the arm that could be pulling the supply low.

    If you still see the error, then it is likely internal harness to 1TB that is disconnected or 1TB failure.

    Replacement is easy, no software is required, just check all switches, jumpers (including rotary switch) are in the correct positions as per the replacement (assuming no one has been buggering around with them).

  • Also, when we unplugged all external umbilicals and services, then powered on the controller, we received no errors on the pendant, none, except for error D1030, is this normal?

  • Sounds like you need a replacement 1TB to me.

  • I am hoping to replace the servo board and the CPU alternatively. However my superiors want me to test the servo board to ensure that is no longer functional, the only way I can think to approach this is by testing the voltage across various pins to ensure there is no more voltage being delivered, is there another way to go about this or am I approaching this issue the correct way?

  • However my superiors want me to test the servo board to ensure that is no longer functional

    A typical response from the hierarchy........... :applaus:

    If your superiors are not intelligent enough to realise that components on industrial robots can fail and do not have contingencies in place to reduce downtime when (not if) something fails, then they reap exactly what they sow.

    I cannot advise any further on this as from a communication error perspective it could be many things that 'just measuring voltages' cannot yield anything conclusive.

    Show your bosses the following description for your error kindly provided by Kawasaki and then ask them a suitable direction to take.

    I would contact Kawasaki for the AS and SV firmware and reflash the PCMCIA first see if it is software related, failing that, your down to board swapping and confirming connections are firmly in place.

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