interpreter I do not activate on deadman press

  • Hello!

    I face with a situation on a Kuka KR150-2 KRC2, KSS 5.6.6. When try to jog in manual mode T1, at first deadman switch press Interpreter I become green and allow to jog the robot axis, but when next one trial interpreter icon remain red I, and robot cannot be moved, even driver relay is heard that been activated. That happen when using white long deadmans, if is used the white button the interpreter is activated and axis can be jogged.

    It could be a matter of KCP hardware or is a software error somewhere?

    The error message is Drives contactor off, intermediate circuit loaded , code 200.

    Thank you !

  • Was it working before? It looks like a hardware issue of the long buttons. Open the KCP panel and check if they are in place, or may be the buttons under them are with broken welds?
    The Drives contactor off etc is a message, not an error

  • Thank you both !

    The customer were pressing deadman too hard, I told that but not being near him was dificult to see how he does it, even I mentioned him for a gentle pushing. Finally he checked the manual and understood how to press.

    Therefore, no real problem .

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