ABB Robot arm and Kemppi welder not communicating

  • Anyone be able to help us please? We recently bought a refurbed ABB robot arm and new Kemppi A7 welding package for our works and cant get them to communicate. Not getting any help from the company we bought the package from. Any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks John

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  • The controller is IRC5, the robot is versionware is RW5.16_0005 and we believe the communication protocol is ethernet IP. I think I have attached some photos of the stickers but not sure if that worked. Many thanks again.

  • Dont seem to be able to add photos but from stickers the Robot type is: IRB 6640 M2004 - variant 185/2.8 Controller is M2004 version 144A 400-480V and FlexPendant model is DSQC 679

  • The error message we get is as follows:

    RobotWare Arc Error

    The following welding error has occurred: AW_IGNI_ERR

    Weld supervision signal not set. Check welding equipment

    Many thanks.

  • Added a Arc & Arc Sensor application manual for RW5 to Lemster68's older thread found >here< in the Manuals section. Download this to get a better understanding of how ArcWare works.

    I'm not familiar with the Kemppi interface, consider posting a zipped copy of the syspar directory from a backup. This will give information on how the robot & welder communicate.

  • Thanks all for your help. So we seem to have resolved our issue above, which turned out to be a gas flow setting not correctly configured. We now have both the welder and Robot arm talking to each other and connected to our intranet and while we can interrogate and adjust the settings of the the welder using its IP address and iPad we are struggling to reconnect the controller to Robot Studio. We get the following message: Please make sure your controller is connected to the controller management port, that DHCP is enabled or your static IP address is 192.168.125.(2...255) We have DHCP enabled, but we don't seem to be able to see the controller using Robot studio. Any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks

  • Thanks Lemster. Looks like the LAN ethernet cable was plugged into the service port on the outside not to the LAN port on the inside of the robot controller panel! Once we connected the LAN port to the ethernet switch the controller appeared on the network, still can connect but we can see it!. However, the LAN port on the inside of the controller panel is being used to connect to the fieldbus module of the welder and without that connection the welder wont talk to the robot controller despite both being connected to the LAN through the correct ports. Any thoughts on this? Many thanks in advance!

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