Conditional execution of the called subroutine

  • Greetings to all my masters, I am working with the IRC5 IRB2600 robot. I'm installing a fiber laser welding machine. From the "Add Instruction" section, I am calling a subroutine that I created earlier with the normal "ProcCall" command. There is no problem so far, but sometimes I want the robot to run between the lines that I Decipher, not all the lines in this subroutine. Fanuc also had Argument options such as "Call 1Prog(1,2)", and I could start the program I called on a single line from the desired line and finish it on the desired line. How is this work being done at Abb, I am waiting for help from my masters, regards..

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  • The Rapid language supports the use of parameters to pass to routines called. One of which, that I will recommend that you look into, is the switch parameter. It is optional and you could also make the arguments exclusive of one another. It has no value, and may only be examined in the called routine by using the function Present(). You can find this information and more in the Rapid overview, Rapid Kernel and Instructions, Functions and datatypes manuals.

  • "Lemster68" Thank you very much for your interest. I started reading the documents you wrote from one side. I think I will find the most appropriate method for my own program logic. I'm looking at examples of the "function Present()" application.. Respects.

  • "Alihan kardeşim ilgin için teşekkürler.."

    I have read many different topics in the Abb documents, but I have not found a feature that exactly corresponds to the "Program Argument" feature in the Fanuc software. I was able to find the solution to the "OffsetCondition" problem that I opened the topic earlier and the problem of running another program Decently between the lines only by the method I shared in the picture. I would like to share it, maybe one day it will be useful for someone. By the way, I love this site, it doesn't end Dec.. Respects.

  • Why not using parameters instead of global variables?

    FULL_PROG 2,7;
    Prog full_prog (num istart, num iend) 

    You can define parameters in Rapid! At the moment I am not sure about the correct syntax, but you can look at the manual.

    You always should post code as text in a code tag, not as picture, then the chance that someone corrects your code is better. I'm too lazy to type in the complete code from the picture :winking_face:

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