G2 and G3 teach pendant compatibility

  • I know this is a long shot but does anyone know if the new G3 pendant can be used in place of a G2? I’m kind of up against a wall I trying to get parts out the door and I keep getting a “Retry Over” (no error code, but I t he manual it’s listed as W0150) and a A6030 T.P. Communication error. This causes and issue because if I try to change almost anything in the program I will instantly get those errors. I have a teach pendant from our newer robot and I’m wondering if I can use it in our old one temporarily. Thanks in advanced.

  • Lemster68

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  • Typically, teach pendants are designed to work with specific robot controllers from the same manufacturer and series. They may not be directly compatible with controllers from different series or generations due to differences in hardware, software versions, and communication protocols.

    You could try anyways, there is no harm hooking up the G3 pendant in the G2 controller as long as the connectors are the same. You'll likely get a message telling you the software version is incorrect.

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