Copying Var.dat

  • Hello all,

    This Yaskawa robots are driving me kinda crazy...

    Do any of you know why whenever I try to copy one var.dat config from one robot to another, the system says "Error 3140 - Wrong pseudo instruction [VAR.DAT]".

    I tried to load any of the multiple versions that our client gave us for "backup and information" and every single one show this error.

    Any of you can throw in any kind of light?


    "Hell...Yesterday it was workinG... I sweaR" :o)

  • I personally have not seen this before, but I would check to make sure that the variable allocation is the same in Maintenance mode for both robots before transferring the VAR.DAT file from one robot to another.

    Thanks for the reply,

    Yes, I already did that, I matched those var numbers and the error changed fro "System Missmatch" to this error.

    It has something to do with the string variables, I still have to figure out what...

    "Hell...Yesterday it was workinG... I sweaR" :o)

  • Code
    Espera Acceso Interferencia1 =ON
    Espera Medio =
    ERROR Arg#1>=Arg#2
    Espera GI# Medio =
    Espera Garra 10 Cerrada

    So it turns out that the error is in the " / " instruction... I deleted it and it compiles perfecly.

    What the hell, man? The Var.dat that I copied is working on another robot.

    "Hell...Yesterday it was workinG... I sweaR" :o)

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