KUKA KR C4 Test smartPAD

  • I have some question, comments about smartPAD-1 vs. smartPAD-2.

    smartPAD-1, shortcut CTRL+ALT+F10 (User Expert) opens the Windows Level (Windows Embedded Standard 7). What is the shortcut for smartPAD-2?

    smartPad-1, powered up, but no connection to X42, the Windows-Logo key opens the Windows Level (Windows CE V6.00). What is the shortcut, procedure for smartPAD-2? Different OS?

    No matter what smartPAD, what is the proper procedure to re-image the smartPAD (NAND-Flash)?

    I use the Windows CE to run the keyboard test. But haven't figure out all functions, like all hardware buttons eg. deadman, keyswitch, estop etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    And yes I try to fix some smartPAD connection errors...

    KSS V8.3.xx to V8.6.xx

    KR C4 Robot controller

  • i think smartPad2 is using different OS. functionality is the same aside from USB ports on the front.

    have not tested but they should be interchangeable. diagnostic function is_key_pressed() responds exactly the same way for all keys. i have seen it inside out and probably have some pictures of the board somewhere but did not do anything low level hardware or software wise with them

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