Macro not loading?

  • Hello all,

    I am trying to add some macros to one YR1000 that my company wants to install on a client factory. They gave me a backup of a similar robot and told me to "use this standard"...

    Well, I'm messing around trying to install the macros, and when I load one specific .jbi, this message appears.

    Error 3220

    Syntax error in instruction data (J:CHK_HOME L:0393)[24]

    It's related to this part of the code... Anyone can give me some help with what could be causing this

         ELSEIFEXP LB003=1
             MOVJ P0430 VJ=10.00 PL=0
             WAIT SOUT#(87)=ON
             MOVJ C00022 VJ=10.00 PL=0
    The problem is down here, with the macros.
            MACRO1 MJ#(20) ARGF4 ARGF-1
            MACRO1 MJ#(20) ARGF7 ARGF1
            MACRO1 MJ#(19) ARGF4 ARGF-1

    Macros 19 + 20 have I CONST(1-24) for the first arg and I CONST(1/-1) for the second arg.


    "Hell...Yesterday it was workinG... I sweaR" :o)

  • Okami

    Changed the title of the thread from “What's going on here?” to “Macro not loading?”.

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