UOPs have no labels

  • Hopefully this is just a stupid question, but I've literally never encountered this before: on my fresh-from-Fanuc R30iB+, the UOPs have no labels. I had thought they came pre-labelled, like the SIO signals.

    I can label them by hand, but I'm wondering if this indicates a bad configuration setting I'm not aware of? I have the UOPs enabled and the robot set for Remote in the Config menu. I'm going to be mapping the UIs and UOs to Ethernet/IP for my PLC communications.

  • There is a setting in the config menu to label them. If memory serves correct, the settings are either simple, full, or none.

    "UOP Auto Assignment"? It has None, Full, Simple, and a few other options. It was defaulted to Full. I tried None and Simple, power-cycling after each setting, but no effect -- my UOPs still have no labels.

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