Selecting Active Jog Frame R30iA controller

  • I am trying to select a Jog Frame that was setup and I cannot seem to make it active. Currently it shows Jog frame 2 as active for robot 1. Whenever I try and select Jog Frame 3 the display continues to show 2 as active. So I don't know where I am going wrong and why I cannot change to anything but Jog Frame 2.

  • Lemster68

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  • What do you mean when you say you are selecting jog frame 3? The procedure that I know of for changing jog frames should be press shift+coord, arrow down to highlight jog frame and press 3. The pop-up display will automatically close when you enter a number, so you can hit shift+coord again to verify it actually changed to 3.

    If this is what you are already doing and it still isn't working, someone else will have to chime in for help.

  • There is also the way I like to use to ensure it was switched. Most of the time I do the process robodec described. I go to the frame screen through the setup menu and use setID (F5) on the screen for the user frames then click the number I want to use. There is a confirmation that is printed out on the bottom of the screen to confirm. If you're looking at the cursor on that screen, it is not affected by which frame is active and could be confusing.

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