2002 IRB2400 M2000 Model S4C+ Rebuild Help

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  • i solved problem with using permission commands (BootsupROreset"FOLDER") on console .If anyone have same problem with capacity or undeletable folders just use permission command.It will help to clean up. Now i cleared hd0a, RW 1.40 system installed but i dont want to use that system want to upgrade 2.23 which is previous version from backup.

    But i am still wondering , i have DSQC500 and backup version was RW2.23 how is that possible which version should i use ?

  • i think it is because of RobInstall version do you have new version mine is v1.30 or it is because of Win10 should i use Virtual PC ? I will record video and upload to show you sir.

    Yes it is because of the version i found newer version of RobInstall and it works well right now. Mr Lemster68 helped me lot if you have any trouble on saving backups or rebuilding contoller , installing backup or anything we can help :thumbs_up:

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