Using Plugin Specific Alarm Messages in Fanuc CRX

  • Hello,

    I have been trying to use the Plugin Specific Alarm messages for Fanuc CRX from Karel programs.

    The problem is that even though when building the plugin I can see that the plgalm.dat file is created, when I run the application and I encounter an error I do not see the defined error messages. I only see PLUG-001 [001], even when the format parameter is set to 0, in which case the error number [001] should not even appear in the error message, to my understanding.

    I've tried with both directly passing error message text in the IPL_ERPOST function with "%s" defined in the plgalm.dat, as well as passing a NULL string in the IPL_ERPOST function and instead defining the error message in the plgalm.dat file.

    As per plugin manual, my robot is above V9.40P/06 SW version requirement.

    I would appreciate any guidance, or working examples of the Plugin Specific Alarm Messages being used.

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    In case anybody else runs into a similar problem:

    Something was wrong with the file used for building the plugin by the way (the .bat file). While there were no errors during building itself, these changes did not appear properly when the built plugin was installed on the robot itself.

    What fixed it was to make sure that the right files for building were used.

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