Is this idea even feasible? If yes, where do we begin?

  • So, I'm completely new to any kind of robotics and honestly don't know where to begin with any of this.

    The project, as it is, was a silly idea that came about when talking with my daughters (ages 6 and 10) about how it sticks to pull a wagon around places like the zoo. We decided that it would be really fun to try and create our own motorized wagon "robot" that they dubbed C00K13 (aka. Cookie).

    I thought this would be a fun learning experience for all of us and decided that, succeed or fail, we should try and get something done by the start of school in late August. The major problem I'm having is even where to begin on something like this. I am a software programmer that builds websites, so I know how to code at least, but that's it. I tried putting together a VERY loose project proposal just to wrap my head around everything, but I think I need some actual advice on where we should start on something like this.

    I'm attaching the "proposal" so you all may be able to get a finer grasp on what little I have, but nothing (especially the idea for using Raspberry Pi) is set in stone. The project should be as simple as possible since we have limited time and extremely limited experience (or attention span for at least one of us :D)

    I hope this inquiry fits within the realm of this blog and I apologize if it does not.

    Project C00K13 - Share Drive

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  • Consider doing searches for "how to build an electric go kart." Plenty of people have posted their attempts at building various vehicles with various levels of performance. Reviewing these posts may enlighten you to the world of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, and power transmission.

    Unsure why you need Raspberry Pi for this. But one of our local University Summer Engineering Camps does R-Pi programming with the MIT SCRATCH application for drag & drop R-Pi programming. Very easy for non-programmers.

    After review, you may choose to punt on the idea of a ZooWagon and change the project scope to a little ScooterBot to run around the house instead. I did not look, but I would suspect that there are 100's of free project plans for such kid-friendly projects. What you DON'T want to is be overly ambitious and discourage your kids from exploring this world because they were overwhelmed by complexity and got burned out.

    BTW: "pulling a wagon around...the zoo." That's called exercise, isn't it? Just sayin'. ;)

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