Plasma Robotic System

  • Dear Forum Members,

    This post is a bit all over the place and I apologies for the quantity of information.

    We have a Kasry/Yomi machine which we have been repairing for our customer in South Africa. The drive crashed and we have spent some time restoring files from a C_PAN.GHO image we have. The unit is made up from a number of supplier parts (Panasonic, Delta TAU, Keyence, Kasry and then some smaller bits). In a nutshell it is technically a CNC robot in component form.

    The Robot setup has the following components;

    1. A Kasry provided PC with the following software;

    (1A) Windows XP 32 bit SP3 - I can't get away from this.

    (1B) 3.5

    (1C) 111.exe (KASRY 360 Robotcut.exe) and FACE.exe the main cutting design and program 'post processor' program (mostly in Chinese). These are Chinese based applications without available documentation. I have tried the supplier (Kasry) and little comes back from them). When I run this and try to read the encoders from the drives it reports a serial port error. This has something to do with the two RS232 ports in the PC - as one port is connected to the drives through an RS485 hub.

    (1D) Pewin32 Pro which is working fine and we can access the drives and certain I/O (This is a Panasonic piece of software used as an interface to setup and monitor the PMAC2 unit.

    (1E) PipViewer 1.07 with SoftDog USB key unit installed. This is a piece of software that takes .pip files for viewing. I have an issue with this as it keeps coming up with attempted operation not supported error.

    (1F) FAST wireless USB unit - no problem here

    (1G) CH341SER – not sure what this is used for in the system but it's a USB/serial driver.

    2. The following hardware has been established

    (2A) Delta TAU Turbo PMAC2 CPU Configuration (I4908) (DSP56303 CPU) (Part Number 0964) (Ver 1.947)

    (2B) 8 x Panasonic Motors connected to Panasonic Drives

    (2C) 8 x Panasonic A6SG series Drive Controllers

    (2D) 1 x PMAC ISA Motion Controller used for RS485 motion control communications?

    (2E) 1 x Turbo PMAC2 PC drive controller unit interfacing to drives

    (2F) Dual RS232 PC card (Port1 connected to Laser Sensor and Port 2 to Panasonic drives through RS485 hub to X2 of drives)

    (2G) Direct Ethernet connection from PC to PMAC2

    (2H) A Delta TAU separate PLC (DVP-64EH) - not worried about this as yet.

    (2I) A Keyence Laser Sensor with an RS232 interface to the Kasry PC Port 1 of the RS232 card (on the PC not the PMAC2). This connects to a Keyence IL-1000 laser measurement scanner.

    3. I have checked Windows devices with an old printout I had from the original working unit - against the current installation - and they seem fine.

    4. We have the following issues we would like some advice on;

    (4A) When I select the button ‘Read Absolute Encoder and Loading RCS button’ I get a ‘cannot open serial port’ message – please advise

    (4B) I cannot get a version of Panaterm 6.0 to install on the XP SP3 PC to read the configuration on the servo drives – any suggestions/recommendations?

    (4C) I need to read the Keyence laser device (through the RS232 port) – please advise drivers and any software that could do this.

    We have made good progress in getting this machine to work and would welcome any support to get this machine over this final hurdle.

    Many thanks


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  • I have an update. The serial ports are connected directly onto the motherboard (RS232 ports) for both hCom1 and Com2. Now I am looking for the device manager CD or drivers for the motherboard which is a;

    Advantech AIMB-562 Kiosk Rev:A1


    P/N: 19A7B56220-01



    Model: AIMB-562L

    I have the manual just looking for the device drivers.

  • Hi Panic mode.

    Thanks - Panic Mode - I have tried Advantech's web site and cant find the Device Manager pack needed for this motherboard. I have raised a call with Advantech and hope they can help. I'm not getting much joy from Kasry in China.

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