Fanuc calls for a program and aborts on Line 0

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    So that's about it. The program I'm trying to troubleshoot sets a value on a GI, then this GI triggers an alarm on the PLC, you work and clear this alarm on the PLC, and the conditions to change this GI again to 0 and not trigger the alarm are met. The problem now is that the robot is not running the line of the code that will clear the value of the GI because it is aborting the program.

    PLC call for RSR1, which is the routine RSR0001

    Fanuc runs this routine that only calls for main but aborts on line 0

    To leave this situation you need to switch on and off from TP many times, press abort all many times, etc etc. Eventually, it will run "correctly". Any ideas?

    edit: This is not happening all the time, you have to be lucky to see it hehe

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