Log/monitor distance travelled by linear track axis

  • In order to be able to perform some automatic service on a linear track, we would like to log the distance travelled by the 7th axis. I was wondering if there is a system variable similar to $SCR_GRP[1].$MOVE_DST that monitors movements (including jogging) of individual axes instead of the TCP point?

    I have thought about running a karel program that periodically updates the current JPOS, but I would prefer not to be dependent on something like auto_exec programs if I don't have to.

    Any other suggestions/ideas are welcomed as well

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    You can use BG Logic to constantly monitor the position of the rail and update a register to track total distance moved.

    For a rail, the angular position is actually linear. So you can use $SCR_GRP[x].$MCH_ANG[y] where x= group and y = axis number.

  • Thank you, that is exactly what I need! Posting my solution here (with excessive use of registers to demonstrate the method), should anyone else need something like this:

    Note that there is a lot to optimise in terms of computation time for BG-logic, but I didn't spend any attention to this since I won't be running this in the guaranteed 8 ms cycle. Even a 1s cycle would provide more than enough resolution.

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