KRC2: KCP2: T1 and T2 work fine, but no Drives ON in AUT and EXT. Robot/Cabine works fine with other KCP.

  • Dear all,

    I have got a working VKRC2 cabinet (MP9) with KSS 5.6.12 and a working KCP2. It works fine in all modes: T1, T2, AUT and EXT.

    When I switch the KCP I can still work in T1 and T2, but cannot switch on the drives in AUT and EXT.

    Wiring of X9, X10, X11 and X12 on CI Board is fine. It has E2 keyswitch for which I added two jumpers.

    I can track down the different behaviour to the KCP2.

    The KCP2 in question is labeled (on the outside): "KCP2 00-107-264".

    The board inside says "KCP2.0-CPU-REV005" and has the 0-Ohm SMD resistor placed at VW(E2-SL).

    It has a four position Mode Select key switch. The mode switch works and I can see "T1", "T2", "AUT" and "EXT" on the status bar of the KCP. Internal variables "$T1" etc. switch correctly. Also, the ESC-CI board switches some relays. So this seems fine to me.

    I physically checked the Drives On (1) push button. It works fine and measured up to the PCB that pressing it actually connects to pins. And releasing opens the pins again.

    The Drives Off (0) button also works.

    With the working KCP I am able to switch on the drives in all modes (AUT and EXT with external PLC / push button on KCP).

    With the non-working KCP

    • I can switch on drives in T1 and T2 when pressing the dead-man button and the robot moves.
    • I can select AUT and EXT mode.
    • I cannot switch on the drives in EXT nor AUT.
    • When I try to enable drives by the PLC (pulsing $DRIVES_ON, all preconditions met) nothing happens for some seconds.
      Then the relay on the lower left corner of the KPS600 clicks twice. Sometimes I see an error message for a split seconds like "Safety circuits not ready".

    It is good to have a working system and to track it down to the KCP2. Actually I had to check everything until I decided to just swap the KCP :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    What could be wrong with the KCP? Why does it allow to enable drives in T1 and T2 but not in EXT and AUT?

    And what can be changed to make it work?



    I did my research and found this thread: Resistor inside KCP

    I do not believe that the 0-ohm resistor mentioned physically affects the board as no traces are connected to the resistor. I think this is just a way of marking boards in mass production.

    The configuration jumpers on the KCP (for the ESC?) are as following:

    Master: Low

    VZ1: Low

    VZ2: High

    ohne AVZ-T (without ...?)

    mit BVZ (with ...?)

    mit E2 (with E2 keyswitch, which is properly jumpered at CI board)

  • I did investigate the robot side of the KCP: X19 only has three cables:

    • W110146a to KVGA (2 wires, seriallised VGA image stream, centre of plug)
    • W110146b to X21 on ESC-CI (4 wires, 24 VDC KCP supply and CAN bus)
    • W110146c to X5 on ESC-CI (6 wires, 24 VDC ESC supply and ESC In/Out)

    With this configuration I am able to work in all 4 modes with one KCP.

    Again, all 4 modes work with my cabinet and one KCP but not with another.

    In contrast to

    the mode selection is done over ESC or CAN in my case.

  • OK, I was curious enough to disassemble the working KCP2.

    I found that the jumpers were set to "ohne E2" and some traces that someone else resoldered the jumper from "with" to "without" in the working KCP.

    I did the same modification to my non-working KCP et voilà:

    I can now switch on drives in AUT and EXT :cheer: :coeuranime: :nanananana: and everything works as expected.

    I hope this has some value for some people around ... But please bear in mind that messing with the safety circuit can have severe consequences and damage robots and kill people!

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