Programming manuals for C3G-901 and C4G-RCC3?

  • Hello,

    I'm new to Comau robots, and I have to modify some programs in a C3G handling robot and in a C4G welding robot. Have anyone manuals for this?

    I would be very grateful if someone could help me to find it. :smiling_face:

    Thank you in advance.

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  • kwakisaki

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  • Regarding the C3G-901 programming - try the C3G Plus programming manuals provided by Massula found >here<. These are for V5.4 operating system.

    From what I remember, these look close enough to figure out what to do.

    When I was working with the C3G-901 many years ago, manuals were in big, thick binders.

  • Hi

    I found PDL2 language manual in this link

    (PDF) PDL2 Language Programming Manual - DOKUMEN.TIPS
    Comau Robotics struction Handbook Manuali SW C4G PDL2 Programming L System Softwar Language Components, P Control, I/O Port Arrays, S Built-in Routines,…


    Do you use Robosim simulation software? If YES it is possible to simulate gripper for pick&place program? Do you suggest other software for such simulation?


  • Depends.

    The 3D component of Robosim is a ripped of version of Blender, and put anything besides the robot inside the virtual environment is possible, but no so intuitive as in other softwares in the same category. And I don't remember if its possible to make knematics, but I'm almost sure its not.

    Anyway, COMAU has a newer simulation tool called Roboshop, that uses a different 3D engine, and maybe things got better with it

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