KSD1-16 Driver Input and Output voltage

  • Hi guy

    I just started my first job at a shipyard with a KUKA KR120-2P with a KRC2 control box.

    My first task is to look for driver replacement (KSD1-48 and KSD1-16)

    After some searching, I found this Polish site that has many types of KSD1-16, Besides being different versions, the only major difference being the input and output

    I have been reading a lot of posts on the forum about the new vs old versions of drivers and some other stuff but I haven't seen any mention of this

    For example:

    KSD1-16 #1
    INPUT: 2/PE DC 0 - 565/675V 9.8/7,8A

    OUTPUT: 3/PE AC 0 - 400V 8,0 / 6,4 0 - 480 Hz

    KSD1-16 #2

    INPUT: 2/PE DC 0 - 585 9.8 A

    OUTPUT: 3/PE AC 0 - 480V 8,0A 6,7kVA 0 - 480 Hz

    Why is there a difference?

    Is this 2 interchangeable?

    Maybe I am a noob but should the second one is better since it has a wider range?

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