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    While I'm not new to FANUC programming, I am new to iRVision 2D. When I set up the iRCalibration for setting TCP, I enter all the details in Setup and Vision Setup, I create the program, but then when I go to run that program, the grid moves up to the camera, then when it gets to VTCPSET, a message appears and says "Cannot find a Ref Pos (irv_find)". I know its not talking about a regular reference position cause I tried lol. But when I look in the iRVision Operators Manual for R-30iA, it says under Reference Position "Position of the workpiece found when the robot position is taught. The offset data is the difference between the actual workpiece position found when running the vision process and the reference position". Any iRVision experts that can help me out?


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  • Ok, I think I understand. We use this robot for a part that uses the iRVision. If I set a reference position and use the Snap and Find function for the grid, it shouldn't mess up the reference position for the production part right? Can there be more then one reference position?

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