MOTN-566 Error

  • Currently integrating a FANUC LR Mate 200iD 7L robot on a project for a customer. There are 2 UF created, UF1 & UF2, that are used for LH (UF1) and RH (UF2) place position. We are placing coils of nails from an infeed conveyor into a box for packaging. The boxes are located on an outfeed conveyor, which is how we are placing the nails in the boxes. The robot is mastered correctly, everything else is running smoothly. We set up the UF using the 3-Point method, and verifying that the Z offset is the exact same for all taught positions. Whenever the robot executes either UF to place the parts, we get a "MOTN-566: Frame is not orthongonal (G:1, UF1)". Any input is appreciated.

  • Lemster68

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  • When you teach your 3 points to define a Uframe, does the two points previous to the Z are in the same plan ?

    The first point is the uframe X,Y,Z values, the other two point define the orientation of the plan.

    Those two points should be perpendicular to define a good orientation.

    If it starts well the first time, you have not checked all !

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