Teledyne vision camera - error help

  • Hello, I have been working with a teledyne camera in an automation process, it works with a KUKA KRC4 and a SIEMENS S7, my problem is, when I turn my camera on, only my LAN LED led light up in orange, while ir slowly blinks red. I´ve read on internet that LED 1 and LED 2 are used to monitor if the camera is booting or any program is loaded. The thing is, when the camera fully boots up, LED1 and LED2 never blink.

    If I go to the camera config via IP on my browser, I can find that I´m not able to view my stored programs, I cannot also check what program is loaded or the current program status. Also, if I go to the server console I´m not able to send any command, not even the help command works. Do you guys know anything about this error? Any help is appreciated ;) .




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