In Roboguide, robot can not reach positions less that J1 < approximately -70 degrees

  • Dear colleagues,

    I have got:

    - Roboguide 9.40100.00.05

    - Robot model: M-710iC 50

    - Robot controller: R-30iB Plus

    The project, I create from robot controller "all of above" type backup.

    You can see from screenshot what are the axis limits. J1 for example is -180 to 180 degrees.

    It turns out that I can not reach positions, located on robot right! Actually this are position below J1 < -70 degrees. I can not figure out why is that.

    In addition I noticed that when the position is not reachable, robot gripper freezes and TCP with the Cartesian Coordinate System continues to move with my mouse pointer.

    Roboguide Help is not an example for even approximately good help information system.

    Can you give me a hint, what is the problem and how I can make positions reachable!

    The real robot can reach positions located at -180 < J1 <= 0 easily!


    Svetozar Yolov

  • Dear PnsStarter,

    many thanks for you hint!

    When I increase the limit of the J6, my robot starts to reach positions on robot's right.

    I am puzzled, because by real robot got the limit of J6 and can reach positions on right!

    I limit J6 because I afraid of breaking pipes and wires, which going into fastchanger.

    Because of fastchanger mounting, my J6 is rotated +105 degrees. I thought that because I have made Roboguide project from backup, everything will be fine.

    It turns out that Roboguide environment it is not exactly ae my robot or I missed something important.

    It will be great, if you know what is happening to educate my or just point me what to read into documentation!

    Thanks againg for the hint!



  • maybe look at the axis values for the point it is trying to reach and see if it makes sense. Sometimes when I us Roboguide to snap to the part files, it rotates my J6 the wrong way and I have to add or subtract 360 to it and teach the point.

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