DCS ober Ethernet IP

  • Hi all,

    I need to set up Fanuc robots via Ethernet IP, including safety. Now that I know that should be the rack 36 slot 10 (or 11?), do I need to configure these DI/DOs or are they always ready to operate? When PLC sends true or false, will it be recognized without configuring some byte via rack 36 slot 11/10?

    Greetings and many thanks to all

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  • if you are doing safety functions then you can't use regular DI/O, you have to purchase the EthernetIP safety option and have a safety PLC.

    For just monitoring the status of DCS for non safety purposes , you have to configure the DI/O to rack 36.

  • Okay that's already been the answer, thanks. DCS is installed, I just didn't know if I needed both. Thanks

    You need both if you will be using DCS for safety, rack 36 signals are not secure, you should never use them inside the safety program, instead you should access the DCS safe signals and for that you must have that option and also add that safe signals on the plc device configuration.

    Signals mapped to the rack36 serve to just be able to monitor the status of that outputs while in program (auto recovery to home per example, using dcs instead of spc functions).

    Aso can be used to add a protection to the machine so per example you do not move a cylinder or servo with robot inside that work area, but that's all

    If the operaror will be able to access the robot workarea without cutting a barrier safety logic should use safety rated signals in order to ensure robot will not enter that area and if it does, just trigger the automatic or emergency stop.

    With DCS, even if you get the same exact data from the two sources, you should only use safety signals on the plc safety program, you can also use this same safety signals on your normal program if you want to, as dcs can be configured to only inform where the robot is without even stop it.

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