Kawasaki Robot Conveyor Vision Tracking Inquiry

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    Conveyor vision tracking robot programming inquiry.

    I would like to get your help because of the unresolved part of robot programming by referring to the robot manual.

    (Reference Manual: Kawasaki Conveyor Synchronization Manual F-CON)


    1. Robot - YF03

    2. Vision

    3. Conveyor(70mm/s)

    4. Encoder (Incremental)

    5. Workpiece(50x70), (1EA/s)


    The product is on the conveyor in a misaligned condition as shown.

    Products are continuously supplied.

    Continuously supplied products are photographed in vision and data is transmitted to the robot (location information, inspection results).

    The robot receives the data, grabs two products, and puts them on the box.


    A programming method in which the robot receives real-time data transmission, catches and puts down a product twice in sync with the conveyor, and repeatedly picks up the next product twice.

    Key question: How to match the data transmitted in real-time order with the conveyor value for tracking in the next operation.

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  • I would like to get your help because of the unresolved part of robot programming by referring to the robot manual.

    There is no unresolved part in the manual, the example shows a pick and place routine with the required programming method provided as the example (which is as basic as you need to get you away).

    Clearly demonstrates the main motion routine and the vision TCP/IP routine for receiving of the coordinate data.

    Except this is for single pick and place.

    If you have multiple workpieces, then you just need to make sure your vision sends the coordinates of all workpieces per frame grab either as one string packet (if below 255 bytes) or as several packets.

    Those coordinates are applied to the offset of the tracking conveyor position.

    So pick workpiece(s) per frame grab should be easily achievable with simple modification of example program.

    I don't know what your issue is...... :hmmm:

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    Thank you for answer.

    The part that didn't make sense was [work_no].

    There was no work_no in the E-con manual, but there was in the F-con manual.

    I thought work_no didn't matter much. But this is very important.

    I understood through the K-roset test.

    Only the conv1 value of the first work number is displayed on the monitor screen.

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