Cycle Start Speed Reset

  • Hello everyone,

    We have 2 R2000 165F robots. One is paired with an R-J3iB controller and the other is paired with an R30iA controller. We have had an issue that is starting to hurt our cycle times that I just cannot figure out.

    Whenever our operator breaks the light curtain and the robot is reset and started up again or when an e stop is hit and the cycle is started again, all in auto mode, our speed drops to 50%. This will stay at 50% until it reaches a program override or if the operator remembers to change the speed back to 100% on the teach pendant. This only happens on the R30ia controlled bot. In the R-J3iB controller this does not happen. The speed always returns to 100% on reset. I figure there is a variable out there that I am missing that directly affects this but I cannot find it. I've went through some other posts on here and tried a couple of different things. I did the program select general override which helped kind of but only works if the speed is not at 100 already when the curtain is broke or estop engaged. The speed will return to 100% on resume. If the speed is already at 100% when the curtain is broke then on resume it drops down to 50% again. Any suggestions would be great.

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  • Check your setup menu for a speed override to see if that is being used.

    Usually the Prog select, production check when run and resume is all that is needed, but maybe something else is changing your override.

    Also check BG Logic.

    As a last resort you add a BG Logic program. I would make it so if the TP is not enabled it is forced to 100%. That way you can still jog at a slower speed.

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