Signal for robot stopped

  • Hello,

    im interested, if yaskawa has some kind of system signal, which indicates that robot reached target point and that it stopped. I looked through concurrent io instruction book, but haven't found any signal, which would indicate this type of signal.

    I'm new to programming yaskawa so im trying a lot of stuff to figure out myself, but some things I rather ask here. I will be really thankful to anyone who helps. :smiling_face:

    Kind regards.

  • Hi,

    How you will check the robot reach to your target point?

    If you have sensor for this point, you can connect your sensor to the high speed inputs (RIN#) signals. This signal use in Mov instruction with SRCH tag for move and stop when your sensor received to find part.

    If you will only check the robot received to a point in your job, you can set a variable or active a output when robot received to the end of point you set.

    Please more explain about you application.

  • Hello.

    First thank you for answer. Before i started to program YASKAWA robots, i was only programming KUKA robots, which have their own system signals. One of the system outputs was $ROB_STOPPED, which indicated that robot is at standstill. Now im working in a new project with YASKAWA robot, so for safety of operator i would also use this output, which i would like to see on PLC.

    Kind regards. :smiling_face:

  • Yes i already saw this signals, but they indicate that either robot is running or that SERVO is ON. I will try to somehow configure signals, so it shows that robot stopped working. But still thank you for taking time i really apriciate it. :smiling_face:

    Kind regards.

  • If you want a signal that tells you the robot is physically moving/not moving, use CTRL GRP RUN R1 - SOUT#345 - relay 50440. I've used this in the past in system jobs.

    Remember this cannot be used as an actual safety signal as it is not dual channel... Fine if it's just for operator interface info.

  • 5GensOfFun thank you for help i really appreciate it. I think this will solve my problem. So when the output is active does it show that robot is physically moving?

    Kind regards.

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