Position Monitoring Using User Frame

  • Hi, I have a situation where i use user frame on a table with a box, instead of position monitoring of the robot cartesian i want to monitor the position of robot using user frame. Thank you

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  • Position Monitoring as in this link they monitor the coordinate of the robot , in my case i want monitor user frame coordinate

    Example i put a box on the table and i use pointer tool on robot and move to the edge of the box, so the position monitor provide me coordinate of the edge based on the user frame

  • if you want to send current coordinates to plc you must do it with a bg logic task and read them from the system variables, you cannot use lpos or jpos inside any routine other than the main task because it locks the group.

    System variable that is accesible only outputs the world coordinates in automatic mode, not the coordinates from the current active frame. But there are ways to do a base conversion of points in real time, you need to read that system variables on another task, convert them to the frame you are using and send it back. I use this when working with vision equipment since it always sends the destiny coords on world frame, I convert that coords to the work area frame and then use that converted points in program in irder to get all data on the sane frame and also check limits before going to pick a piece.

    First of all, tell us what really you need, if you want to send the current position on a determinate frame to the plc I can provide you a way to do that but you must have the karel option on the robot first.

  • I was going to say to TitusLepic that making a macro won't work... since I tried everything and the only way I found to do this and also edit PR was to do it on a bglogic task...

    But good to know this can be done with newer softwares, debugging a bg task is a nightmare and if this is possible I may update the code I use to run it with a RUN statement since you can open the run tasks and see the pointer.

  • You can get the position of the active user frame in the $SV_INFO[1].$CART_POS_UF system variable structure. I think this was only added in late v8 or v9 though.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here! Now open source!

    Check out my example Fanuc Ethernet/IP Explicit Messaging program here!

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