How To Program SOP I/O to light up when Position Reached

  • I have programmed a position to a DO but would also like that position to light up on the Operator Panel as USER 1 button as an indication of that position.

    This is for R-J3iB.

    How can I do this?

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  • Hi ducks09,

    R-J3iB does not have BG-LOGIC or FLGs.

    So it's not that easy.

    You can write a second task/program that will run in background.

    This program has to monitor your DOUT[x] and sets the corresponding TPOUT/SOP...

    But I don't recommend that, because of "multi tasking power" of RJ3iB...


    idea: It's an old controller. so wire up your DO to the User Push Buttons LED.


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